The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in the UK

Friday 25.07.2014

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a financial scheme offered by the UK government. The incentive is designed to increase the uptake of renewable heat technologies in the UK and is aimed at households, communities and businesses. The scheme was launched in two phases. Phase 1 saw the introduction of RHI payments to the commercial and public sectors in 2011. The scheme guarantees quarterly payments for 20 years based on kWh of renewable heat produced from technologies covered under the RHI scheme. Phase 2 extended the RHI payments to the domestic sector in 2014 and quarterly payments are offered to eligible participants for seven years after the installation of heating system which benefits from renewable heat.

Akvaterm accumulator tank can be installed as part of a heating system which benefits from the RHI payments. Solar thermal panels, heat pumps, biomass boilers and biomass stoves can all be connected to Akvaterm accumulator tanks. By placing an Akvaterm tank at the heart of a heating system, in addition to the RHI payments, the whole system can benefit from increased efficiency and provide more even heat and hot water. Akvaterm?s product range includes various models and sizes which are suitable to customers individual needs.