THERMOMATIC EC HOME - digital temperature controller

digital temperature controllerEC HOME is a completely new automatic shunt control that was developed from the well-known Thermomatic concept. The user-friendly, easily installed controller is compatible with almost all shunts. The settings are made directly from the digital controller display, and with the help of an additional module, it is also possible to control the circulation pump or additional heat sources. In addition to the internal sensor, the device can be equipped with an external sensor, relay box, and passive room sensor. There is also a wireless version of the device available. The inexpensive and reliable purchase with a long service life enables energy savings of up to 20% compared to traditional manual control systems.

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THERMOMATIC CC – constant temperature controller

THERMOMATIC CC – constant temperature controllerThe constant temperature controller is intended for controlling a shunt that turns 90 degrees. It can be used to maintain a constant temperature for both heat and cooling solutions. In addition, it can be used to control the return temperature of solid fuel boilers, for charging hot water accumulator tanks, or regulating the temperature of outgoing water into radiator or floor heating, swimming pools or other heating or cooling applications.

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