Laddomat 21-60 / Laddomat 21-100

Laddomat 21-60 / Laddomat 21-100Laddomat 21 is a hot water accumulator tank charging unit for a wood-fuelled boiler. When correctly connected, it makes the stratification of heat in the accumulator tank more efficient, and it also helps the boiler to reach the ideal operating temperature quickly. It both makes heating efficient and spares the boiler from stress. Laddomat charges the accumulator tank full of heat and maintains the water stratification. Laddomat 21-60 is recommended for use with boilers with a capacity of less than 60 kW. Laddomat 21-100 works for boilers with a maximum capacity of 120 kW. It is also possible to build a group of charging pumps in connection with larger boilers.

Operation of Laddomat 21:

When the fire in the boiler is ignited, the flue gas thermostat starts the pump and the boiler heats quickly. Laddomat 21 will already have filled up the upper section of the boiler within 15–30 minutes after ignition, so that the accumulator tank will provide both domestic hot water as well as water for the heating system. Thanks to stratification, the hot water above does not mix with the cold water below. When the whole accumulator tank is full of hot water, it is also charged with the heat released by the embers. After this, the flue gas thermostat stops the Laddomat 21 pump, and the afterheat is transferred into the accumulator tank. Laddomat 21 has also been equipped with a natural circulation feature, which means that the afterheat from the boiler is transferred to the upper section of the accumulator tank as the heat in the accumulator tank is used.

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Laddomat 11-30

Laddomat 11-30Laddomat 11-30 is a hot water accumulator tank charging unit for wood chip or pellet boilers or for hot water fireplaces, for example. It is a simplified version of Laddomat 21, and it does not include a natural circulation feature.

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Laddomat 4030

Laddomat 4030Laddomat 4030 is a hot water accumulator tank charging unit for a twin boiler. It automatically adjusts the charging and discharging of hot water accumulator tanks with twin boilers equipped with a built-in domestic water coil and a mixing valve for the radiator or floor heating system. .

Operation of Laddomat 4030:

The Laddomat 4030 charging pump starts when the temperature in the boiler has reached the value set for the boiler sensor. At that point, the hot water from the upper section of the boiler is transferred into the upper section of the accumulator tank using a small flow. This prevents the mixing of water in the accumulator tank, allowing the water to stratify efficiently in the accumulator tank. The hot water always stays up top and the coolest water stays at the bottom. When the transfer of hot water to the accumulator tank begins, a part of the hot water in the upper section of the boiler mixes with the cool water from the accumulator tank in a special LU valve so that the temperature of the water returning to the boiler for reheating is approximately 60 degrees Celsius. Mixing the returning water is important for the combustion process, and when the mix stays optimal, the boiler will also operate more efficiently and its service life is longer.

When the heating ends, the boiler starts to cool. When the temperature of the boiler is lower than the set value, the boiler sensor stops the pump. After the boiler temperature has decreased under the set discharge temperature (e.g. 50°C), the pump starts to move cold water from the lower section of the boiler into the lower section of the accumulator tank, and at the same time, hot water is transferred from the upper section of the accumulator tank into the upper section of the boiler. This ensures that there is hot water around the domestic water coil in the upper section of the boiler as long as possible, from which hot water is also conducted into the radiator or floor heating system via the mixing valve.

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Flue thermostat

SavuhormitermostaattiThe flue thermostat starts and stops the charging pump between the boiler and the accumulator tank. After the heating starts, the pump is started immediately when the flue has become warm enough. This allows the boiler to heat up to its operating temperature faster. When the wood has burned out, the pump stops quickly when the flue cools down. This ensures that the pump only operates when needed.

There are flue thermostats available for temperatures of max. 300°C or max. 500°C. The maximum sensor temperature must not be exceeded.

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Thermostat cartridges

In addition to the thermostat cartridge delivered as standard for the Laddomat pump, additional cartridges can be ordered. The degree classes are: 45, 53, 57, 63, 72, 78, 83 and 87°C.