Solar coils

The solar coil is a heat exchanger, through which the thermal energy collected from the sun is transferred from the heat collection fluid coming from solar panels into the water in the hot water accumulator tank. The solar coil is usually located in the lower section of the accumulator tank, where the water is cooler compared to the upper sections due to stratification. This allows the thermal energy of the sun to be transferred in the most efficient way into the mass water of the accumulator tank, from which it can be transferred very efficiently to domestic water preheating or to the floor heating system, for example.

The hybrid accumulator tank model ranges AKVA SOLAR, AKVA GEO and AKVA SMART have been specifically designed for combining several different heat sources, and they often include a solar coil. However, it is also possible to combine a solar coil with an existing AKVA accumulator tank by installing one into the lower hatch. The double coil option is definitely worth remembering too, because it can be used to install a domestic water preheating coil into the lower hatch in addition to the solar coil.

The table below shows the solar coils that are available in standard sizes. The material is Ø 22 mm Cu finned copper, but other material options are also available.

LK35 2,16 10
LK45 2,8 14
LK60 4,3 24
LK80 6,5 32
LK100 7,4 43
LK120 8,6 54
LK140 12,9 64
LK160 15,1 75
LK180 17,3 85
LK200 19,4 95
LK220 21,6 105