Domestic water coils

The domestic water coil is a heat exchanger which can also be used to harness the energy in the hot water accumulator tank containing mass water for heating domestic water. A separate domestic water accumulator tank is not needed; instead, the same accumulator tank can be used to transfer thermal energy both for heating domestic water as well as the floor or radiator heating system. The size of the domestic water coil depends on the temperature of the accumulator tank and the need for domestic hot water. In the accumulator tank design phase, separate large needs for domestic water must also be taken into account, such as whirlpool bathtubs, swimming pools, or sauna facilities with several showers. We are happy to offer assistance in choosing the correct coil size so that the end result offers a solution that is optimised individually for each customer and provides thermal energy for every need.

Domestic water coils in standard sizes are presented in the table below. The material is Ø 22 mm Cu finned copper, but other material options are also available. The heat transfer characteristics of finned copper as a material are better than stainless steel, which means that the surface area does not need to be as large.

LK35 50-120 170 2,16 750 DN 20
LK45 60-160 170 2,8 950 DN 20
LK60 80-250 170 4,3 1250 DN 25
LK80 100-350 250 6,5 900 DN 32
LK100 120-450 300 7,4 1000 DN 40
LK120 140-550 300 8,6 1100 DN 50
LK140 160-650 300 12,9 1200 DN 50
LK160 180-750 300 15,1 1300 DN 50
LK180 200-850 300 17,3 1400 DN 50
LK200 220-950 300 19,4 1500 DN 50
LK220 240-1050 300 21,6 1600 DN 50