Akvaterm hot water accumulator tank
– The heart of warmth

Hot water is a basic prerequisite for practical and comfortable living. An essential feature of modern and energy-saving heating technologies for houses and buildings is the accumulation of heat and its transfer through water. Thanks to water’s high heat retention capacity, the connection of an Akvaterm accumulator tank to the heating system significantly raises the utilisation efficiency, lowers energy costs and reduced environmental emissions.

The use of an Akvaterm accumulator tank is independent of the heating system or energy source. Besides the solar, wood, chips, wind or geothermal heat, the heating source can be traditional electricity, oil or gas heating, or their combinations. If required, energy sources can be modified or the heating system can be supplemented.

Akvaterm is part of an entity that facilitates the production of pleasant and balanced heating for living, as well as domestic hot water, with the same system.